The versatility of split air conditioning systems

By September 25, 2018News
Split air conditioning systems

It’s officially autumn and the leaves are turning brown, the days are getting shorter and the spiders are making their presence known at home (eeek!).

However, some days you’d be forgiven for thinking that it feels more like late summer, and conversely, other days like winter really isn’t that far away. Many of us with gas central heating will be thinking about whether it’s time to turn the heating on or hold out a little longer…

If you have a simple split air conditioning system installed at home or your office, you’ll know how useful it can be at this time of year. Fluctuating ambient temperatures aren’t an issue. A particularly hot or sunny day? No problem. Keep your system in cooling. A chill in the air first thing? Stick it in heating.

Incredibly responsive with precise temperature control, you’ll be comfortable in no time. Split air conditioning systems make sense in terms of energy usage too. The latest models are rated A+++ which means they are extremely energy efficient.

These simple systems are well suited for use in small office and shop spaces as well as at home, where they are ideal for heating and cooling conservatories, garden and home offices.

Businesses can claim Enhanced Capital Allowance on the most efficient of air conditioning equipment, while residential customers can benefit from a reduced rate of VAT (currently just 5%) when installing a new system predominantly used for heating purposes.

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