Don’t be tempted to buy an air conditioning system online

By November 30, 2018News
Good reasons not to buy an air conditioning system online

Every now and again, we have a customer ring up (generally a residential customer) to ask us if we can install a split type air conditioning system that they have bought on the internet. Unfortunately for the customer, our answer tends to be no…

Now, we’re not trying to be difficult and we really hate disappointing people but there are very good reasons why you should avoid going down this route. Here’s why.

You won’t save money
The general thinking is that if you buy direct on the internet it’s got to be cheaper right? Wrong. Air conditioning equipment that’s sold direct to the end user is often more expensive. Air conditioning companies have good relationships with all the major manufacturers and are able to negotiate better rates given the volumes that they buy.

Equipment bought direct can be inferior in quality
The leading equipment manufacturers do not supply air conditioning equipment direct to the end user. Less familiar brands that are available to purchase online may appear attractive, but many are unproven. Quality and reliability could be an issue. Additionally, parts may be less readily available and more expensive, something that needs to be considered, should something fail in the future.

What size system to pick?
BTW we’re talking capacity here, not physical dimensions… Although the internet is an invaluable tool for self-education, it does mean that everyone is an expert! Contrary to popular belief, a little bit of knowledge can be a good thing, however, it’s no match for years of industry expertise and experience. The heating and cooling load calculations required to specify the correct air conditioning equipment for the task at hand is much more complex than some websites make out. Too big a system, you’ll be paying too much (you’re likely to be anyway), too small a system and it won’t cope at extremes of temperature.

Your system must be installed by a qualified F-Gas engineer
Air conditioning systems contain refrigerant which is highly regulated. By law you must use a qualified F-Gas engineer to install your air conditioning equipment. This very important detail is often lost in the small print, cue our customer calls…As we said at the beginning, most credible air conditioning companies are reluctant to provide an install only service. The reason being is that they are unable to guarantee their work on equipment that hasn’t been purchased on behalf of the customer. You also won’t benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty of up to five years, something offered by the leading manufacturers.

Seek professional advice from a credible air conditioning company
If you’re looking to install an air conditioning system, we always recommend that you get specialist advice. Going ‘solo’ and buying direct on the internet doesn’t offer good value for money. It’s not like buying a TV or fridge. Air conditioning systems are more complicated than you think and it’s easy (and costly) to get wrong and that’s before you find someone qualified to fit the system…

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