What’s air conditioning got to do with winter?

By January 4, 2018News
Winter scene

21st December officially marked the start of the astronomical winter, the ‘winter solstice’, however we’d be forgiven in thinking it started long before! Furthermore, it extends to 20th March…

But, there’s some good news! The days are starting, albeit very slowly, to get longer and the nights shorter. Hurray!

When many people think about air conditioning, it’s inevitably associated with the summer months and cooling. Yet most modern air conditioning systems are in fact heat pumps. This means they are designed to cool and heat, maintaining a comfortable environment all year round whatever the temperature and weather outside.

Air conditioning systems are extremely energy efficient too. When comparing simple direct forms of electric heating like electric radiators, fan heaters or underfloor heating, air conditioning systems can be 4 x more efficient. Commercial air conditioning systems are often even better than this. Replacing ageing, legacy systems can dramatically reduce annual running costs, saving you money and lowering your CO2 emissions.

Whatever the season, it’s important to regularly maintain your air conditioning system to ensure it works optimally all year round.

Common issues during the winter months can include the following:

  • Dirty outdoor heat exchangers
  • Dirty filters
  • Blocked condensate drains

Regular routine maintenance ensures that dirt and debris don’t build up and cause problems resulting in costly breakdowns and increased energy consumption. A regular maintenance programme with your chosen contractor also means that any manufacturer warranties remain valid, and most importantly that your system complies with the statutory F-Gas regulations.

Winter may be officially here but there really is no excuse to ignore your air conditioning!

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