R32 based air conditioning systems – a great option for small business premises

By February 13, 2018News
Mitsubishi Electric R32 air conditioning

R32 refrigerant is now readily available in split type air conditioning systems which is great news for the end-user and the planet. R32 not only has a lower GWP (global warming potential) but these new air conditioning systems are more efficient to run, saving you energy and therefore money.

Split type air conditioning systems (equipment consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit) are typically suited to the small business and domestic market. Efficiently heating and cooling a space, these systems ensure year-round comfort of the occupants whatever the temperature outside.

Leading equipment manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin, have all brought out a number of models utilizing R32. Those interested in aesthetics will be instantly drawn to Mitsubishi Electric’s stylish M-Series. Clean lines, a choice of glossy colourways (white, black or red) and superior energy efficiency makes the M-Series a smart choice. See our recent air conditioning case study for further information.

As Mitsubishi Electric’s commercial director, Donald Daw outlines

“We see this model as ideal for high-end, stylish situations and have already had a lot of interest from our customers…R32 is expected to quickly become the standard for split type air conditioning systems and we have more products lined up for the UK market in the coming months.”

Here at Advantage, we have successfully installed numerous R32 based systems. Our engineers are F-Gas certified and have undergone R32 specialist training. If you are looking to upgrade, then you’ve timed it perfectly! For split type air conditioning systems, R32 is the obvious choice going forward.

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