Air conditioning – ideal for small business premises & home offices

By November 23, 2015News
Energy efficient air conditioning for small businesses

Many people think of air conditioning as simply a way of providing cooling to spaces. However, it is easy to overlook the fact that most modern systems also provide heating. As well as the obvious large commercial applications, simple split systems can be ideal for use in small business and domestic settings.

In particular, suitable applications can be for heating a small office or retail space, conservatory or an outbuilding serving as a home office, where there is no viable gas supply and which rely only on inefficient and poorly controllable direct electric heaters.

A professionally installed air conditioning system may reduce energy bills by around 30-50% when compared to direct electric heating. They are also extremely responsive and controllable, quickly getting to the desired temperature to provide a comfortable working or living environment.

Businesses may benefit from Enhanced Capital Allowance 
Due to their high energy efficiency, businesses may be able to claim Enhanced Capital Allowance when installing air conditioning. This enables businesses to write off 100% of the cost against the year’s profit. To find out more visit Gov.uk.

5% VAT for domestic customers
Domestic customers can also benefit from a reduced rate of VAT (5%) when installing air conditioning (primarily for heating) in a domestic property or other accommodation classed as residential or for a charitable purpose.

With over 20 years in the air conditioning industry, Advantage Air Systems has designed and installed many air conditioning systems for small businesses and homeowners, creating energy efficient and comfortable environments that work optimally all year round.

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