Plan ahead for your air conditioning needs

By June 27, 2016News
Plan your air conditioning

Good air conditioning companies are busy all year round. However, we tend to see an uplift in demand in the warmer months. Naturally, an increase in sales enquiries is due to air conditioning being ‘top of mind’ as things hot up but we also see an increase in breakdowns. Much of the latter could be prevented with some sensible planning!

Look after your existing equipment

Routine planned maintenance is the key to reducing the likelihood of breakdowns.

Many service calls are due to poorly maintained systems. A bit like servicing your car, your air conditioning system needs to be looked after. Early signs of wear and tear can be nipped in the bud, thereby avoiding costly repair bills and serious downtime. Regularly maintained systems perform better for longer and operate more efficiently, keeping your running costs to a minimum.

Maintenance contracts can be tailored to your individual requirements and will ultimately save you money in long run.

Does your old equipment need replacing?

Don’t wait until your air conditioning system literally dies on you! The chances are it’ll happen at a time not of your choosing! Better that a new installation is planned in and budgeted for. This way you can have the work carried out at your convenience, at a time that suits, and it won’t feel like such a sudden and unexpected cost.

Professional air conditioning companies will always do all that they can to minimise downtime and install new equipment as quickly as possible, but the busy summer period can mean there are extended lead times, which is far from ideal if your need is urgent.

Consider your air conditioning requirements carefully. How business critical is it? Can you manage with any downtime? Do you have an office full of staff? Productivity drops substantially when occupants aren’t comfortable. Will your I.T. cope?

The best advice we can offer you is to plan ahead as much as reasonably practicable and at the very least we recommend that your existing air conditioning equipment is regularly maintained to reduce the risk of breakdowns. Put quite simply, look after your air conditioning and it will look after you!

Advantage Air Systems has been designing, installing and maintaining air conditioning systems of all types for the last 20 years. Always happy to help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.