What to look for in an air conditioning contractor

By May 24, 2016News
Air conditioning contractor checklist

There are many air conditioning companies out there, but how do you know who to trust with your air conditioning requirements? Here is a simple checklist of considerations that you might find helpful when choosing an air conditioning contractor to carry out works for you.

  1. Always check that the air conditioning contractor you are dealing with is F-Gas company certified. If not, they are operating illegally! As a minimum, all companies must be registered with a qualifying scheme such as Refcom, Bureau Veritas or Quidos. Better still look for companies who are members of Refcom Elite. These companies operate to the highest standards in refrigerant management, working to industry Codes of Practice and in compliance with current legislation to ensure containment of all types of refrigerant.
  2. Always check that the company’s operatives/engineers are also F-Gas certified. Individual F-Gas certification is a legal requirement and ensures that all engineers who work on equipment that contains refrigerant are fully trained and qualified to carry out their jobs safely and efficiently.
  3. Health & safety is paramount, whether on a commercial site or at a customer’s residence. A reputable company won’t take any risks. Ensure that your air conditioning company has a recognised health & safety accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards in Health & Safety.
  4. Look for air conditioning contractors that work with all the leading equipment manufacturers. Some can be wedded to particular brands. A company that is totally independent can offer you a greater range of equipment options to suit your needs and budget.
  5. Check whether the company designs air conditioning systems in-house. This can be a big benefit as not only does it confirm their technical expertise but also that they are able to select the most appropriate equipment for your application. It also removes the risk of involving a third party who has not surveyed the premises first hand.
  6. Check that the air conditioning company guarantees their workmanship. All newly installed equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard. However, aside from this, the company should also offer its own 1 year labour warranty to cover any unlikely issues within the first 12 months.
  7. An air conditioning system can be a big investment, so when choosing a company consider your long term requirements. Your system will need to be regularly maintained to validate warranties and keep it working optimally. Additionally, most systems (even those of a relatively small size) must be leak tested at least once a year and records kept for at least 5 years. Choose a company who can manage all of your F-Gas responsibilities for you as part of a planned routine maintenance programme, to ensure you comply with the latest legislation.
  8. When comparing prices, remember that it’s important to compare apples with apples! Air conditioning systems can be complex. Designs are bespoke and equipment is tailored to meet the individual requirements of a particular space. It’s key to understand the reasons why certain equipment has been selected. Most importantly, you should be clear about what has been included for and what hasn’t and whether any additional works will need to be budgeted for.
  9. Lastly, do your homework! Review case studies, testimonials and reviews and better still talk to previous customers. A reputable air conditioning company will always be happy to provide references.

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