Air conditioning in the home is becoming increasingly desirable

By November 16, 2016News
Domestic air conditioning

A recent survey conducted by Populus for SellingUp.com, the comparison site for online estate agents, suggests that investing in air conditioning could make your home more attractive to buyers.

On behalf of SellingUp.com, Populus interviewed a random sample of 2,100 UK adults, asking them which features would make a property more (or less) desirable to buy. Features ranged from double glazed windows and conservatories to kitchens, bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. It also included air conditioning fitted in living/sleep spaces.

Imagine you were looking for a dream house to buy and money and space were no object. Would each of the following special features make a property more desirable to you as a buyer, less desirable or make no difference?

The majority (57%) of pollsters agreed that installing air conditioning to the living/sleeping areas would make a home more attractive to buy.

At Advantage, we have seen an increase in demand from customers looking for additional cooling (and to some degree heating) for both living and bedroom areas, particularly, but not exclusively, in new build homes where ventilation can be inadequate.

Professionally installed air conditioning systems provide year round comfort and are extremely energy efficient to run when compared to direct electric heating or gas. Newly installed systems come with manufacturer warranties of up to 5 years and currently attract a rate of just 5% VAT provided they are installed predominantly for heating purposes. Visit Gov.uk for more details.

See the full survey and all the other desirable features people would like in their home if money and space were no object (what a lovely thought!) at SellingUp.com.

At Advantage, we have been designing, installing and maintaining air conditioning systems for over 20 years and have built a solid reputation based on quality and service. For all your air conditioning needs and to arrange for a free site survey, simply get in touch.