Our air conditioning team building day – let battle commence!

By December 15, 2015News

It’s that time of year and last week it was decided that a team day out was definitely in order. Being an active and outdoorsy bunch, we hooked up with Priory Events in Redhill, Surrey for a day to remember.

The air conditioning team met bright and early and were warmly welcomed by our host Karl with hot coffee and bacon rolls. Our day was getting off to a perfect start! First the all-important activity briefing and although touted as a team building day, it quickly became apparent that there was a touch of competitiveness in the air…

Blindfold 4×4 driving was our first challenge. One ‘blind’ driver, five would be navigators, an obstacle course and one large, muddy ditch. What could possibly go wrong? Listening and communication skills were really being tested here and the need for total trust. Harder than you may think, but we all notched up ‘above average’ scores. A glowing testimonial to our skills as a team!

So far so good, next up archery. The team was split into two, battling arrow against arrow. Every point mattered. Who would burst the balloon in one – eat your heart out Katniss Everdeen!

A hearty lunch followed by the grand finale, quad bikes! The one we’d all being waiting for. Clad from head to toe in waterproof gear, we knew it was going to be a dirty and muddy affair and we weren’t disappointed. Competitiveness rose to a whole new level when confronted with the adrenalin-fuelled assault course. We all understood that every second counted…

Many thanks to Priory Events and Karl for an exhilarating day. It was brilliantly and professionally planned and executed. The team left grinning from ear to ear!

When not off-roading or playing Robin Hood, you’ll find us at our office in Horsham, living and breathing all things air conditioning. For help and advice simply get in touch or call 01306 628282. One of the fully refreshed team will be delighted to take your call.