Spring has sprung! Time for an air conditioning maintenance visit?

By March 22, 2018News
Air conditioning maintenance

The 20th March officially marked the start of Spring when the days and nights are the same length, each lasting 12 hours.

Not a moment too soon we say! Especially welcome given the recent arctic conditions courtesy of the Beast from the East. There are rumours that The Beast may rear it’s ugly ahead again over the Easter Bank Holiday. But let’s hope that Easter is all about fluffy bunnies, chicks and Easter eggs rather than sledges and snowmen!

Spring is a good time to turn your attention to your air conditioning system. If it hasn’t been serviced in a while, then now’s the time to get it booked in. Not only in preparation for the warmer months ahead but to ensure you are complying with the latest F-Gas Regulations.

Air conditioning maintenance – why bother?

A well-maintained air conditioning system will ensure optimal operation and prolong equipment life, minimising your run costs and reducing the likelihood of costly and inconvenient breakdowns. A bit like servicing your car, if you look after your air conditioning system, it will look after you!

Regular air conditioning maintenance will also make sure you are:

  • F-Gas compliant. Stiff fines are being introduced for those who don’t adhere to the regulations
  • Any equipment manufacturer warranties remain valid

Typically, a qualified F-Gas certified air conditioning engineer will carry out a number of checks and works to ensure your system is operating satisfactorily. These include:

  • Statutory F-Gas leak testing as applicable to ensure compliance
  • Inspection of units and checks for abnormal sounds
  • Cleaning/replacing air filters
  • Inspection of the heat exchangers
  • Inspection of condensate trays, pumps and pipework and removal of debris/blockages
  • Checking security of all accessible external electrical and wiring connections
  • Checking of all internal control wiring and sensor connections
  • Checking remote controller for any operational fault codes
  • Checking of all accessible field pipework connections for signs of leakage
  • Checking of operating pressures and temperatures
  • Cycle system in all operating modes to confirm correct operation
  • Cleaning of units externally

Regular routine maintenance means that potential issues can be flagged up early and managed accordingly. For example, an abnormally noisy fan motor can sometimes be an indication of its imminent failure. Spotting signs early means faults can be nipped in the bud, reducing the risk of compounding problems and the associated increase in cost.

It also means that replacement parts can be ordered in good time, avoiding unnecessary downtime. Something that can be particularly problematic for business-critical systems.

With the first day of Spring behind us and only a few days till the clocks change, it’ll be British Summer Time before we know it (even if the thermostat says otherwise!). Now is a good time to make sure your air conditioning system is ready for whatever the weather decides to throw at us…

At Advantage, we have been maintaining air conditioning equipment of all types for over 20 years. Our engineers are fully F-Gas certified, operate to the highest standards and take great pride in their work.

Here’s what a one of our longstanding and valued clients has to say about us:

“Advantage carried out a major installation in our offices some years ago and have continued to service and maintain the system ever since. Always efficient, reliable, courteous and friendly, we are delighted with the service provided by them.”

For a tailored maintenance quote and to ensure statutory F-Gas compliance, simply get in touch today or call us on 01306 628282.

For further guidance on the latest F-Gas Regulations visit Gov.uk.