Air conditioning – the importance of winter maintenance

By February 10, 2017News
Air conditioning maintenance

With the frosty conditions and freezing temperatures that we’ve experienced over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that your heat pump air conditioning system has been struggling to keep up. Regular, routine maintenance will help to ensure that when operating under these extremes of temperature, your equipment continues to work efficiently and performs optimally whatever the weather decides to throw at us!

Common winter issues

  • Dirty outdoor unit heat exchangers – Over time the heat exchanger in the outdoor unit will accumulate dirt. This build-up restricts air flow across the heat exchanger reducing its efficiency and increasing running costs. Your system may also need to defrost more as a result. This is not ideal as when in defrost mode, the system’s heating operation is interrupted and it’s heating capacity reduced.
  • Dirty filters – as above, anything that restricts the free flow of air through your system will reduce the performance of your equipment and cause the system to work harder than necessary to maintain the correct temperature. Always ensure that filters are regularly cleaned or replaced for optimal performance.
  • Blocked condensate drains – during the winter months, these can easily block if debris is not cleared regularly. During the defrost cycle, even at temperatures above 0⁰C, blocked condensate trays can fill with water and freeze. If severe enough, ice can block the heat exchanger which can lead to costly call out charges and repair bills.

Statutory F-Gas leak testing

Under the F-Gas regulations, there is also a legal obligation for equipment owners to have air conditioning equipment above a relatively small size leak tested. The quantity of refrigerant in the system dictates the number of leak checks (3, 6 or 12 months) required per year. Detailed records must be kept for at least five years, something your air conditioning contractor can manage for you as part of a planned preventative maintenance contract.

Well maintained equipment performs better for longer, operating more efficiently, reducing your running costs and saving you money in the long run. At Advantage, we have many years of experience maintaining air conditioning equipment of all types. Our engineers are fully trained and F-Gas certified, taking great pride in their work and operating to the highest standards.

For a tailored maintenance quote and to ensure F-Gas compliance, simply get in touch today.