Want to know how to save money on your air conditioning?

By May 16, 2017News
Air conditioning maintenance will save you money in the long run

Well you probably can guess the answer… maintain, maintain, maintain! If you look after your air conditioning system, it will look after you!

Air conditioning maintenance

Regularly maintained air conditioning equipment performs better for longer, operating more efficiently and reducing your running costs. A bit like servicing your car, it will save you money in the long run. Routine maintenance should ultimately pay for itself, reducing the likelihood of costly breakdowns and keeping energy use to a minimum.

Over time your air conditioning system accumulates dust and dirt which makes it less efficient and reliable. Thorough cleaning of all the parts including the filters (as well as checking connections, wiring, pipe work, pressures and a whole heap more) ensures that your system works optimally all year round.

Any problems can be picked up early. Blocked condensate drains are a good example of an all-to-common problem. If not kept clean and free from build up, they can easily become blocked, leading to leaks and water damage to surrounding areas.

And that’s not all. Most newly installed air conditioning equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 5 years providing it is regularly maintained. Without regular maintenance, you could invalidate your warranty and you may not be covered should something fail or break.

F-Gas compliance

Statutory leak testing is required under the F-Gas regulations, which means that air conditioning systems above a relatively small capacity must be leak checked at least once a year and associated records kept for five years. Ultimately the responsibility lies with the owner/operator of the equipment, so always ensure that your air conditioning contractor is carrying out these checks on your behalf. This is something that should be included as part of any maintenance agreement.

At Advantage, we have many years of experience maintaining air conditioning equipment of all types. Our engineers are fully trained and F-Gas certified. They take great pride in their work and operate to the highest standards.

Here’s what a couple of our longstanding and valued clients have to say about us:

“Advantage carried out a major installation in our offices some years ago and have continued to service and maintain the system ever since. Always efficient, reliable, courteous and friendly, we are delighted with the service provided by them.”

 “We have used Advantage Air Systems for over 10 years, such reliable guys, superb response in an emergency, the team are outstanding, punctual and extremely ethical.”

For a tailored air conditioning maintenance quote and to ensure F-Gas compliance, simply get in touch today or call our office on 01306 628282.