Royale Caribbean Project - Advantage Air Systems

What We Did

The building’s cooling and heating requirements are met by central plant, serving the 4-pipe fan coil units (FCU’s) located on each floor. The layouts of the various floors were all altered significantly as part of the project and Advantage Air Systems were entrusted with delivering the mechanical package that would enable the new layouts to function.

Existing FCU’s were relocated and new units installed to meet the increased cooling demands in various areas. As part of the FCU installation new secondary ductwork was installed to serve the increased number of diffusers required and the primary (ventilation) ductwork was extended to suit.

Breakout areas were provided with domestic services and drainage as well as ZIP taps to provide chilled and boiling water for the staff. Due to the constraints of the building it was not possible to install a conventional drainage system to serve the breakout area. As a result drainage was provided via a pumped system complete with automatic controls and remote alarm system.

The site BMS system was modified to enable local control of the FCU’s in the new cellular areas and the existing TREND BMS FCU controllers upgraded in order to enable the increased functionality.