Office & reception area air conditioning

What We Did

The existing air conditioning system was removed, with the existing pipework being retained following suitable pressure testing to confirm its suitability, saving time, money and unwanted disruption to the landlord’s property.

The replacement indoor units and services were completely concealed, being contained within a central ceiling bulkhead. The conditioned air was supplied via bespoke plaster bead diffusers providing a sleek, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing finish.

A tight timescale meant craneage of the outdoor equipment was not an option, so as an alternative, the unit was dismantled into its component parts and reassembled within the roof plant area.

Additionally, we installed a stand alone cooling system to serve the new comms room.

The new air conditioning system provides all round heating and cooling to each of the individual spaces, with heat recovery providing further energy savings.

Here’s what our client had to say about us:

“We as a business have used Advantage for various projects. They are always efficient, courteous and have great workmanship. We would highly recommend the company to anyone looking to overhaul their air conditioning system.”