Office air conditioning

What We Did

The building was previously cooled and heated by four very elderly ducted air conditioning systems which served a mix of open plan areas, cellular offices and meeting spaces. The existing systems were old, inefficient and extremely noisy, which meant that there were some very compelling reasons to consider an upgrade.

The arrangement of the existing air conditioning systems didn’t suit the layout of the offices and this resulted in poor control of temperature throughout the building, because of the differing demands of the various areas.

We were asked to provide a solution and we recommended the installation of seven standalone ceiling cassette heat pump systems. This arrangement suited the office layout and would be simple to adapt if the use of the office space were to change in the future.

We decommissioned and removed the redundant systems and the R22 refrigerant used by the systems was recovered and sent for destruction. The new air conditioning installation was carried out over a period of two weeks, with minimal disruption to the business.

As part of our works we also installed additional electrical supplies to serve the new systems and carried out some minor repairs to the suspended ceilings where the ceiling diffusers serving the old systems had previously been located.

Once completed, the new systems were commissioned and our client provided with the necessary documentation and electrical test certificates.

Here’s what our client had to say about us:

“…They were professional from the first consultation right through to completion of the work. Any questions we had were answered swiftly, and their knowledge of the system being installed was second to none…We would highly recommend Advantage Air Systems to anyone looking to refurbish their air conditioning or heating system.

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