Bespoke cooling for ISO containers

What We Did

The systems selected had to provide sufficient cooling to cope with high internal loads at external temperatures of up to 35°C while being compact enough to fit the space available within an ISO container.

A fundamental requirement of the design of both the transmission equipment and the cooling systems was that there should be no single point of failure in order to ensure continuity of transmission.

In collaboration with our client, a mechanical ventilation system was installed to provide free cooling during lower external ambient temperatures. Additional DX air conditioning systems were selected and installed by us to provide cooling during higher ambients. A constant internal temperature was achieved using automatic switchover dependent on various factors.

In most cases two air conditioning systems were installed to provide 100% redundancy. Each supplied with its own controller and additional interface to allow the systems to be connected to the clients’ telematics system to provide notification of cooling system faults or power failures.

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